Latest version is v0.8 (beta). 15 Jan 2012.

Click here to download QuickMech

File size is about 1 MB.

Double-click the file to run it.

Screenshot-QuickMech v0.7-1

MadCat Prime, in QuickMech v0.7

 Fluff drawing not by me — by S. Douglas

13 comments on “Download

  1. Hexidecimark says:

    Any plans for tripods? I’d like to work with superheavy tripods, but NOTHING works with even the now-canon variants at the moment…

  2. Scott aka blaque baux aaaaka "PGB"-Privateer Grizzly Belker aka Arlyn Dav vid Kensington III aka "Ghoti" says:

    I am a LAM lover and AITM, like to mickey mouse. Thank you for building this, keep at it..This is nice!

  3. Fixer says:

    While this is very nice, its lack of support for LAMs means it is not as useful to me as I would like.

  4. ravendagger says:

    no hardened armor or null sig either…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Man, if you could get this to work on Androis it would be the best SW out there… Tablets are so nice to carry with you for a game…

  6. Gergő says:

    It is a great programm! But in my party we use some custom technology. Can you help me, is it possible to modify some items stat? For example IS endo steel crit 10 instead of 14?

  7. paulo brito says:

    Great program ! but, no Arrow IV weapon / ammo ?

    • John Bradshaw says:

      If you select the “Clan Invasion – Present” era, you get the Artemis IV and ammo. I haven’t playd in over 20 years, so I don’t know what the Arrow IV is.

  8. TheShepster says:

    That’s a really great tool! Thanks for programming and sharing the file…

  9. Silvester says:

    Just found this and it looks pretty good so far…
    Do you have data files for any of the standard mechs?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I cant dowload

  11. Jarret says:

    Simply great! Thanks for this free to use and fairly comprehensive effort.

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